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Instant is Not Instant with current financing partners?

HappyEMI helps its Retail Partners improve sales conversions, boost basket sizes, and increase customer happiness.


Increase Conversion Rate

Increase Conversion Rate

Increase orders volume

Increase Orders Volume

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Brand Value

Increase Brand Value

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any commission charges involved?

We work on a fixed 2% commission model with our retail partners on every consumer transaction.

How does the payment cycle to retailers work?

Payments to the retailers are made within 24-48 hours of the loan application processed.

How will the loan applications be processed at the store?

Our Field Sales Officers are made available at all times undertaking the loan applications.

How do retail stores get on board with HappyEMI?

There is an agreement signed between the store and HappyEMI followed by collection of a copy of store PAN card, VAT certificate and a cancelled cheque.

How long does it take for the completion of a loan application procedure?

Our procedure is covered in approximately 15-20 minutes.

1000+ stores have increased their sales

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