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About Us

Making the world more inclusive by offering loans to even the thin file customers.


Our main mission is to solve Financial and Digital Inclusion and the availability of easy credit to the under-served. Using HappyEMI, people can use the service to instantly avail loans to buy their favorite product and repay them easily in EMIs. It is said that in India 1% of the population owns wealth more than the rest of the country. At HappyEMI, we wanted to build an economy for the rest 99% that benefits them and not just the privileged few.


HappyEMI is a next-generation consumer finance company providing shoppers with instant financing at the point of-sale in-stores and online platforms making it Peopleless, Paperless financing platform. HappyEMI’s has an edge over others through its data-driven approach that underwrites risk beyond credit score to reach broader consumer base by using alternative data points and has signed up major retail brands for smartphones. HappyEMI monetizes through subvention from Manufactures and Retailers and financing charges from Consumers. HappyEMI helps its Retail Partners improve sales conversions, boost basket sizes, and increase customer happiness.


We are a team of FinTech enthusiasts with Entrepreneurial and innovation mindset to solve the problem of Instant Credit.

Suhas Gopinath

Suhas Gopinath Founder & CEO

Anand Sankeshwar

Anand Sankeshwar Director

Abhiram Talluri

Abhiram Talluri Product

Cheryl D'Silva

Cheryl D'Silva HR

Jagadeesh Kuruba

Jagadeesh Kuruba Banking

Manjunath Chilkuri

Manjunath Chilkuri Risk


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